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  • Dad’s getting late for the office and he asks his family members to help him get ready soon. What he get’s as the replies? Daughter: Later Dad, I am currently busy chatting with my friends! Son: Sorry dad! I am just about to make a highscore. Wife:Could you just help me pick the best ones into my shopping cart? Woah! It seems like everybody is busy on the internet. But what perturbs me is the magic of internet enticing everybody since decades. Internet was invented with the perception of two machines communicating with one another. Though it emerged a lot more than just that. The world of internet is so huge that if we disinterred it we would be lost. So let’s just not peek into that and straight away come to the point of how internet has become a basic need for us. Firstly, it has become the backbone of so many business organizations and government. Secondly, it has eased the provision of so many services at your doorstep like e-shopping, online billing, digital libraries, e-bookings etc. Also, not to overlook, internet is not only accessible on PCs and laptops, but also on other handheld devices like cell phones, tablets, etc which has made it more influential. This has made the people and the internet inseparable. As, Dhirubhai Ambani had said, “Karlo duniya mutthi me” now seems legit. But on the darker side we find the same as a great source of interference in our lives. Talking about the youth, we find them always busy chatting, playing or browsing social sites. The addiction is too strong that their sleeping schedules also have affected. They spend so many futile hours on the internet that we have seen an abrupt increase in the number of migraine patients. Earlier people used to read newspapers in the morning but now the trend has shifted to browsing the phones. Along with that the dinner conversations have also become extinct. The dialog from the movie Lage raho Munnabhai that “Internet pe duniya se toh touch me hain, lekin pados main kaun rehta hai jaante tak nahi” is quite felicitous now. Moreover, we have got a new compulsive need of checking the phone regularly for notifications which makes us too impatient. Even we notice youngsters craving for Wifi at various places they visit. It was really funnier when I visited Zomato to browse for restaurants and found “Free Wifi” in the description. This itself proves the affinity towards internet. All this has more to it i.e. the amount of money which they spend for internet services as well as on the services provided by the internet. Gaming has also emerged a lot with many passionate players spending too many bucks buying that stuff. Now how often do you hear about cyber crimes? Quite a many times, I’m sure. With so much improvement in technology there is significant increase in number of intrusions and hacking too. There are a many websites employing fraudulent schemes to fetch out the money from the gullibles. Also, we cannot deny the presence of sensitive and absurd content on the internet. We could draw the inference that the internet has proven itself as both the boon and the bane on our society. It has produced a remarkable impact not only on our lives but also the behaviors and bearings. Now, it’s our choice of perceiving and utilizing the best out of it so that our personal lives may remain unaffected by it.