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  • E-commerce was just an abstract term until Amazon and Ebay pulled it out into a real-time. When first it was introduced nobody had thought it would gain such a popularity in a few years, but now those who had an insight are making a handsome amount of money. Everybody wants the latest, designer, branded and affordable products, which if they can get at home is just ‘icing on the cake’. With the rapid increase in technology and number of shoppers day by day, one could foresee where E-commerce is going. Already the trend of shopping at \"brick and mortar\" shops has been replaced by this and now we are waiting for the next. We can definitely predict the increase in number of customized designs, varieties, brands and sizes. Also there is more added to it: Go Social: People may have the facility to share the stuff they want to buy and get recommendations from their friends and relatives. Easy Cross Check: Since the e-market would become so prevalent and effectual that one would not have the need to go to the \\\"brick and mortar\\\" shops to cross check the quality and price of the product. More cheaper and wider: We definitely see this going to the time where more and more cheaper or better to say \\\"affordable\\\" goods will be available online and that too reachable in every possible corner of the world. Shopping assistance: We prefer going to shops as they may have assistant buyers who help us pick-up right products(usually clothes). Sooner with advancements in technology we would be able to have digital shopping attendants. Appropriate Recommendations: We see a possibility where appropriate recommendations would be provided based upon what all the customer already has, what are her(or his) preferences and choices. For eg. you might have a blue dress and looking for footwear, then it shall automatically suggest the blue one and that too according to your preferences say, you may usually prefer flats. Human Element: People prefer offline purchasing usually because the store manager may turn out to be their acquaintance or they are allowed bargain.E-commerce now misses this human element which in future would not be problem as being the regular customer you may get surprises and offers which will definitely fill this gap. Your own Brand: Seeing the growth, we can predict that sooner you might be able to design your clothes(or such), choose your fabric, your color, your size, customize it according to you just as it is your own brand. Infact its already underway, the very famous Raymond allows you to customize your clothing accordingly. Increased inclination towards Bitcoins and Virtual Currency: With an increase in trends of E-commerce, virtual currency(or Bitcoins) may also replace the archaic banking systems. Trust: The last and the most important is trust. Many people still do not trust on online shopping and e-commerce websites sometimes due to failed transactions & slow internet. But with concept of lite website & session time reliability these transactions issues can be resolved. These are the few things that could take the e-commerce to the boom! On basis of today’s statistics one can totally expect a brighter tomorrow for e-commerce industry. Profitable for both the customers and the organizations.